Estimated time to complete (text + video): 52 min

Making Goals and an Action Plan

Setting goals and action planning are two pivotal steps in the success of any business.Upstart University is here to help you create them in order to help you get your Upstart Farm up and running. To get started, let’s assess your farm goals, analyze your current position, and organize an official timeline to keep things moving forward.

This course is for anyone who is thinking about starting an Upstart Farm. It will provide prospective farmers a place to begin by urging them to critically consider what they want to accomplish and write actionable goals based on those considerations, describe and list possible limitations to those goals, develop a timeline to complete said goals, and create a mission statement which describes what those goals mean for themselves, their families, and their communities. This course walks anyone through the first step of making their dream of  an Upstart Farm a reality.

In this course, you will:

  • Consider your desires for your Upstart Farm
  • Think critically about limitations
  • Write an actionable goals list
  • Develop a mission statement
  • Set a timeline for farm development

This course is taught by Chris Michael and Amy Storey.

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