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Whether you want to start your own farm or get hired at someone else’s, we give you the skills to make it a reality, faster.

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Gain the know-how and confidence to go out and secure sales contracts and lifetime customers.

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Take courses online or as a download from anywhere in the world, at any time of day, in any order, on any device.

Take courses online or as a download from anywhere in the world, at any time of day, in any order, on any device.

Learn through engaging video lessons, written text and notes, downloadable audio, illustrations, and quizzes and assignments. 

“I am LOVING the courses. They are direct, easy to follow, and packed with valuable information. I hope some day to add to the market and knowledge-base.”

– Andy Linkenhoker

“The courses are exactly what I was needing! I was so overwhelmed by everything I need to know to start my own business and start growing hydroponically and Upstart University is a godsend!”  

– Donia Varnon

“USU is a great value and a great ed system… Thanks for everything you guys have put together. USU Rocks!”

– Brian Willsey

“Thanks! Great customer service by the way. I never expected to have such a helpful and readily available team when I signed up for Upstart University. Way exceeded my expectations.”

– Ariel Orodenker

“I looked over the Upstart content on the website and am very impressed. Unbelievable content and clarity for $99. Wow!”

– Dan Brewer

I called and got excellent help to get started.  I’m really impressed with Upstart University. The courses are excellent!”

– Merlin Berg



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