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#UpstartYOU: Turning your passion into produce.



Become a master farmer with our online courses on everything from farm and business planning to system science and operations.


Learning to start a farm requires more than coursework. Maximize your success with these additional student resources and features.

We’re dedicated to providing personal, relationship-based support to each and every student. We’re real people. Not robots.
Why Upstart University?

Because we do things differently.

“I was looking for an online school to learn how hydroponics works and to learn how to get into this business. They were the only ones trying to help me out without just trying to sell me things… They put your interest first.” 

Matt Young, Forever Young Hydroponic Farm
What should you expect?

At Upstart University, we know that things like flexibility, access, and ease-of-use are important to you because let’s face it – you’re a busy person! 

So, here’s how it works…


Course Schedule & Progression

LEARN at your own pace.

Course Progression: 

  • Take only the courses you need: There’s nothing worse than being required to sit through a class on something you already know. At Upstart University, all courses are optional, so you can take only the ones you need or want.
  • Take courses in any order: You’re free to start on any course, at any time, in any order. Want to take several at once? Go for it!
  • A clear path when you need it: If you’re completely new to farming or entrepreneurship, you might not know where to start or how to proceed. If you need a little guidance, we provide an organized checklist and course list to help you proceed from the easiest to hardest topics, and in the order in which you will need to know them while starting your farm.

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Real outcomes. Real rewards.

GET RESULTS. Upstart University students see real, tangible progress in their business. 

The results of your hard work:

  • Earn certificates: Trying to get a loan or an investor? Are you required to show proof of mentorship or training? Or just want something to be proud of and hang on the wall? You’ll receive a printable Certificate of Completion for each course you complete.
  • Complete real business documents: By the end of just two courses, you’ll already have a completed mission statement and business plan. And that’s just the start!
  • Start an actual farm: Upstart University students are encouraged to get physical practice and learn experientially early-on, making their real greenhouses and indoor growing operations a reality, faster.
  • Obtain customers & sales contracts: Through proven, farm-specific marketing and sales training, you’ll gain the know-how and confidence to go out and secure sales contracts and lifetime customers.

ACCOMPLISH MORE. We get that you’re busy. In fact, most of our students are working a full-time job while getting their farm started, not mention trying to raise a family.

Learn without sacrificing your free time:

  • Anytime access: Your coursework is accessible 24/7 so it’s ready for you whether you’ve got 5 minutes or 5 hours. There is no requirement to complete courses at any time or by any date.
  • Access from anywhere: Courses are mobile-accessible, and you can even download lesson audio to learn on-the-go!
  • Multimedia learning: Coursework consists of engaging  video lessons, written text and notes, downloadable audio, illustrations, and quizzes and assignments. Whether you learn best through watching, listening, or reading, we have a learning style that fits you. 
Student Community. Share experiences and ideas, swap photos, ask questions, and get answers quickly by connecting with other Upstart U students in our private Facebook community and forums!



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“Great website/ training program, friendly staff and excellent course presentations from Nate and the team… although the subjects are complex, they are ALL really informative and effective for the newbie.”

– Domenico T., Seichre Growers



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