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Ranked along with Cornell University in the 10 Educational Programs Helping to Support the Growth of Indoor Agriculture


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It’s easier than you think.

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It’s easier than you think.

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Expert Information

More trusted, in-depth information on how to start and run your modern farm than you’ll find anywhere else. Stop scouring the web. We’ve cut out the clutter for you.

Content That Grows With You

New courses, webinars, and resources delivered to you every month. Our program grows with you (and we love to create content based on your suggestions)!

Community Support

Interact with fellow farmers in your courses via course forums and our private Facebook Group. Get tutoring, offer support, or just exchange ideas.

 What is Upstart University?

Upstart University offers specialized farming courses to teach you how to plan, build, and operate your farm. 

Taught by Dr. Nate Storey and other industry experts, Upstart University empowers you to make your farm a lasting success for the price of a few lattes a month. 

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Do you have the vision?

We’ve got the resources and expertise. 

So you want to be a farmer? Until now, that dream has been easy to abandon, but it’s time to invest in your future.

Upstart University’s online courses, forums, and extras will walk you through the process, step-by-step.

Start farming now.

Flexible & Convenient

Upstart U is accessible from anywhere, at anytime, on any device. We’ve even built in features like downloadable audio for the on-the-go student!

Simple & Easy to Use

We deliver content in a simple, straight-forward way with easy to use features. Whether you’re a computer wizard or a total novice, Upstart U is right for you.

Earn Achievements

See how you rank with other Upstart Farmers! Earn achievements and certificates to display your knowledge.

Unrivaled Value


“You guys obviously put a lot of work into [Upstart University]. $10 is a steal. Thank you. I’ve had great phone calls with Teryl and Chris Lukenbill. The path is unfolding before me.” -Matt Nathanson 

Redeemable Tuition

Upstart University tuition pays for more than just your education; it pays for real, physical product to build your farm. All Upstart University tuition is redeemable towards commercial bundles of ZipGrow towers for up to 12 months! (U.S. only).

“Upstart University is excellent; it is the best online learning experience I have ever participated in. I like the fact that you are not super professional course creation masters, this makes the presentation more real to me. Add to that the quick repsonses and ready answers from the forums and I am hooked.” – Marvin Golden, Apafia Farm Fresh

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