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Over 1,500 members are finding value and learning how to run their farms. Become one of them.


Over 1,200 members are finding value and learning how to run their farms. 

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“Great information from people who are doing it.”

Von Bernritter

Unlimited member since March 2015

“The material is relevant to the challenges we face. The course is a must to be successful at growing unconventionally.”

Willem Kamstra

Unlimited member since March 2015

“High quality growing techniques for high yield greenhouse growing and excellent Tower design.”

Douglas Koss

Unlimited member since April 2015


“The program is really geared towards giving all the information one needs to start a vertical farm without much prior farming experience. I love to have the ability to go at my own pace and the wealth of information the courses contain.”

Dominix Lacroix

Unlimited member since April 2015

“Insanely valuable, specific, detailed information, delivered in a way that absolutely anyone can grasp. This service stands on its own. Nowhere else is there anything even close enough to compare it to! If you have any intention of getting into aquaponics or hydroponics on any scale or level, USU will spare you some very common and costly mistakes and put you in the fast-lane towards successful start-up.”

Ian Mason

Unlimited member since March 2015, Mapleview Fresh

“The variety and depth of the content are exceptional. The courses help you to stay focused on the important things that are part of starting a new venture.”

M. Ham

Unlimited members since March 2015, DECK Hydro, LLC.

“Most complete resource I’ve found for ‘ground up education!’” 

Matt Marsh

Unlimited member since May 2015, American Heartland Acres

“It is well organized to help make logical steps toward farming. The information is in small clips for those with busy lives and also makes it easier to absorb the information. The instructors are readily available for questions and office hours make it easy to interact with them as well.”

Ben Volkman

Unlimited member since May 2015

“The program is delivered in a straightforward, easy to follow way by Nate. It is full of real life experiences in the industry and so is very practical and always interesting. It engages my full attention at all times which means the delivery and content is everything I am looking for.”

Noel Crow

Unlimited Member since October 2015

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