Growing & System Science

These courses cover topics relating to the science behind your system and how to grow produce in a variety of ways.



1010: Hydroponic and Aquaponic Crops

By the end of this course, you'll have a good understanding of the different crop choices you have available to you as a hydroponic or aquaponic farmer and how to grow them successfully.

Growing and selling microgreens

1011: Growing & Selling Microgreens

If you're a first time grower looking to develop your "green thumb" while starting to build a profitable basis for you farm, this course is for you! Microgreens are easy and cheap to grow, are saleable for a premium, and have incredible margins. In this course, you'll learn how to approach, grow, and sell microgreens successfully.


1031: Aquaponic DWC: Design & Economics

Learn how to create a basic conceptual design for an aquaponic farm, layout fish tanks, filtration, and growing systems, determine plant and fish production, estimate farm revenue and expenses, and more.

Bato Buckets

1032: Bato Buckets & Vine Crop Production

Bato buckets are a popular hydroponic system for growing vining crops like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, etc. Whether they're your stand-alone growing method, or a supplementary system, they make a great addition to any farm.

Understanding ZipGrow

1033: Understanding ZipGrow

Vertical growing is increasingly becoming a prominent hydroponic production method in urban, indoor and greenhouse environments. This course is for anyone looking to understand ZipGrow vertical growing technology,

Humidity Management

1090: Humidity Management: Tools & Tech for Indoor Growers

Humidity is a big problem for indoor growers. In this course, you'll learn what humidity is, how it affects your plants, and how to control it properly.

HVAC Design

1091: HVAC Design for Indoor Growers

This course will introduce HVAC design concepts and systems used for managing the climate of an indoor growing operation, including information on systems, sizing, designs, costs, and more.


1099: Lighting for Upstart Farmers

Light and lighting is hugely important for planning your vertical farm. Learn the fundamentals of lighting for Upstart Farmers in this course.


2000: Seeds & Seedlings

Need help with seed starting? In this course, learn everything from seed anatomy, sourcing, and storage, to optimal growth practices, storage, and transplantation for seedlings.

Insect Pest Management

2010: Insect Pest Management

Understanding how to properly manage insect pest problems on your farm will help you be successful and profitable. In this course, learn insect ecology, management and applications.


2020: Plant Pathology for Upstart Farmers

This course will explain how pathogens function in an ecology, what pathogens are and what makes one different from another, what they do in your farm, control methods, and some common pathogens and their controls.

Hydroponics Course

2030: Intro to Hydroponics

Looking to run a hydroponic system? This course will give you a full walkthrough of everything you need to know to get started and be successful including system and nutrient management, crop management, plumbing and layouts, and more.


2040: Hydroponic Nutrients & Fertilizers

Properly understanding how nutrients and fertilizers work in a hydroponic system, as well as how to mix and manage them, is vital to your farm's success. This course provides a variety of visual explanations and demonstrations of hydroponic nutrients and fertilizers to help you master this important concept.

Foundations of Aquaponics

2050: Foundations of Aquaponics

Looking to start an aquaponic farm? This course provides over 12 hours of in-depth information on how to start and run an aquaponic system successfully. Appropriate for all experience levels!

Aquaponic System Design – Mini Course

The Aquaponic System Design Course exists to give people the theoretical, scientific and practical basis for designing, starting and managing aquaponic systems of all sizes.

Hydroponic Substrate Selection

Hydroponic Substrate Selection – Mini Course

Hydroponic medium & substrate selection is one of the most important grower decisions! Learn which plugs, media, and other substrates are right for you in this course.

Intro to Aquaponics

Intro to Aquaponics – Mini Course

This course focuses on how things work in aquaponic systems, why they work that way, and what this means for your decision to go with hydroponics or aquaponics.

LED Lighting for Indoor Farmers – Mini Course

Whether you're growing indoors or just providing supplemental lighting for the plants in your greenhouse, LED lighting should be on your radar. Get the info you need in this course.


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