Student Resources

There's more to Upstart University than just coursework. Make the most of your student experience with these activities and resources.

Interactive Calculators

Take the stress out of farm calculations. Use our interactive farm calculators to calculator or Iron, CO2, BSA – Fish to Bed, and HVAC needs.

The Blog

Supplement what you’ve learned in your courses by exploring these detail-rich technical guides and how-to’s at your leisure.

Student Discounts

Upstart University students get access to exclusive discounts & offers on select events, resources, and partner products.

Resource Library

An easy-access index of the web pages & resources mentioned and/or recommended in your Upstart University courses.  

Upstart U Facebook Community

Share experiences, swap photos, ask questions, and best of all connect with other Upstart U students!

Course Forums

Participate in discussions on course materials, questions, ideas and more! Get feedback from other students, professors, and mentors.

The Ultimate Guide & Checklist for Starting a Farm

Use this guide and checklist series to track your progress towards starting your farm. Move through the following phases, completing tasks and acquiring the information you need to start a business, manage a farm, and feed your community! 


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