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  • Passionate & motivated individuals who are driven to feed their community
  • Farm entrepreneurs who want to become savvy business people
  • People with any experience level, including those with no experience at all


  • Experienced farmers who have been through every step of the process personally
  • Industry experts and partners that we trust (so you can too)
  • A team of passionate and personable people who want you to succeed



Upstart University was created with the mission of educating and empowering farmers around the world. We started with a small team, a makeshift video studio, a single course, and a vision. Now, we have over 30 courses, a growing team, over 1,200 active members from 75 countries around the world, and we have successfully helped over 100 aspiring farmers launch their farms and start selling.

So, Why do we do it?

We want to close the knowledge gap and cause a domino effect.

We’re champions of the movement toward healthier, tastier, and more sustainable food grown by local farmers who care about feeding their communities.

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Hundreds of other farmers have done it. You can too!  Be the badass farmer you’ve dreamed of and start feeding your community better.


We have an entire team of people working hard to make sure that your farm succeeds. Here are a few of the people who make Upstart University work!

Meet the authors:

Halle Brake

Halle Brake

Director of Upstart University

Halle is the Director of Upstart University and has her Bachelors in Agribusiness from the University of Wyoming. Born in the city, but raised with long-standing family farming roots, she became interested in urban agriculture at a young age. Through Upstart University, she is happy to be able to help aspiring farmers accomplish their goals whether they are rural, urban, or anywhere in between.

Amy Storey

Amy Storey

Content Coordinator

Amy is the Content Coordinator for Bright Agrotech and Upstart University. She built the content structure and resources for Bright Agrotech from scratch in 2013, and now coordinates all content creation and editing for the company. Her most rewarding experiences are when she is able to help new farmers by illuminating the way with high quality and valuable content.

Nate Storey

Nate Storey


Nate received his Ph.D. in Agronomy and Crop Science from the University of Wyoming where he developed the ZipGrow Tower and Live Sales model. As one of the top experts in the field of both indoor and outdoor vertical hydroponics, Dr. Storey brings over a decade of invaluable expertise to Upstart University.

Perry Baptista

Perry Baptista

Upstart University Author

Despite a childhood spent in the city, Perry has devoted her career to working on and with small farms. Her areas of expertise are in farm management, economics, and basic legal research. She is currently the COO at Bright Agrotech, and she loves getting messages from Upstart Farmers! Contact her below.

Elesif McDonald

Elesif McDonald

Uptart University Author

Elesif is the Director of Sales and Customer Empowerment at Bright Agrotech. She recieved her degree in Marketing and her MBA from the University of Wyoming. Elesif has walked countless farmers through the process of starting their own vertical farms, and ensuring they reach their full potential. She loves helping people through the startup phase of their farm and seeing everything come to life.

Chris Michael

Chris Michael

Upstart University Author

Chris is fascinated by the opportunities of driven entrepreneurs to tackle the world’s most pressing problems, including the lack of transparency and accountability in our food system. He is the Chief Marketing Officer at Bright Agrotech, and he orchestrates the creation of the company’s resources and educational initiatives to empower these game changing farmers.

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