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Have you struggled to find the right type of farm insurance? 

If your modern farm utilizes a technique like hydroponics, perhaps indoors in a city, you’re in a precarious situation right now in which the typical type of farm insurance wasn’t designed to cover your type of business perfectly.

It was designed for farms that spread acres, use very large, very expensive machinery and equipment, require a lot of employees and dangerous work, are susceptible to good ole mother nature, and have a lot of uncontrollable factors. Those things represent a lot of risk both for the farmer AND the insurance company. And so, classic farm insurance is expensive and is designed to cover those risks.

But if you’re using controlled environment agriculture, that’s not your situation and you would probably like to have affordable coverage that matches your unique circumstances.

Learn how to find the right insurance policy for your modern farm

In today’s webinar course, we’re going to help you navigate farm insurance and understand how to get the right policy for your modern farm.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Insurance 101: an intro to basic insurance concepts
  • What insurance do you need?
  • How to reduce your cost of insurance
  • Your advantages as a modern/urban farmer

We’ll start you off with an intro to basic insurance concepts. Then, we’ll dig into exactly what coverage your farm needs, probably should get, and does not need to purchase. After that, you’ll get some advice on how to reduce your insurance costs and use your unique advantages to save money.

About the authors

Our presenters, Tony Bruscia and Nicola Kerslake have been working closely together to bring updated and better insurance circumstances to the mainstream market for modern and urban farmers.

Tony BrusciaTony Bruscia is a partner with InterWest Insurance, headquartered in Sacramento, CA. He has been helping all types of agricultural businesses for 30 years. Tony and InterWest have partnered with Contain Inc. to develop insurance programs specifically designed for modern/indoor ag. In addition to recognizing the significant advantages of modern ag, Tony also is a certified risk manager and able to help businesses reduce their risks. 


Nicola KerslakeNicola Kerslake is the founder of Newbean Capital, a registered investment adviser that manages early stage venture capital mandates, and Contain Inc. Contain is an alternate-finance business, dedicated to indoor growers, which works with leading equipment suppliers to arrange lease financing. 


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