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Crowdfunding is the practice of raising money to help fund a business or venture. The money is typically raised in small amounts, usually in exchange for rewards or gifts, from a large number of people, hence the crowd part of crowdfunding. While this practice has been around for a long time the internet has made it possible to reach a much larger crowd in a much shorter amount of time, making crowdfunding a much more viable funding option, especially for the modern farmer.

We teamed up with the crowdfunding experts at Barnraiser, who are dedicated to powering the good food movement by supporting food innovators changing how we farm, eat and live, to bring you a webinar on how to master crowdfunding by maximizing your campaign’s success.

Now, we’re making this webinar course which is designed for anyone who is attempting to fund their Upstart farm by explaining the most important elements of having a successful crowdfunding campaign including things like how to authentically earn community support, what gifts to give, how to master your social and email promotions, and even how to turn your campaign success into long-term sales, as an official Upstart U course.

In this course:

  • Crowdfunding basics
  • The  campaign timeline
  • Post-campaign success

This course is taught by Gina Giarmo of

More info on Barnraiser:

Barnraiser connects you, the user/the innovator, to a wider audience of good food supporters. Your project won’t be one of 50,000 on a site with an unfocused community. And because our audience is so focused and connected, our 66% success rate is over double that of other crowdfunding platforms’ food-related projects and directly relates to the high level of attention and support from the Barnraiser team throughout your campaign experience. Campaigns that raise between 5-10,000 have an even higher success rate of 83%. Barnraiser was founded by food people for food people—so you’ll receive personal advice from a team with years of experience in the good food & farming world, You’re guaranteed strong home page placement and social media support, and we act as advisers, editors, and we like to say, “cheerleaders”—we’re really on your team.

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