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Save energy with efficient heating and cooling

We’ve heard from so many growers in all kinds of climates, and one question we keep hearing is how to heat or cool a greenhouse effectively, in a way that is sustainable and energy-efficient.

Sound like something you’ve wondered? If so, you’re in the right place.

Today, you’ll receive some insider tips to grow more sustainably and save money with efficient climate control.

This includes how-to’s like choosing a more efficient, quick-payback heater; using smart greenhouse design, and integrating renewable heating and cooling methods.

As you see here, we’re going to begin by discussing what your heating or cooling need is, based on your climate, materials, conditions, and so on. Then, we’ll get into energy-efficient design for greenhouses. Finally, we’ll talk about the actual heating and cooling methods you can utilize. There are some pretty cool, innovative methods you may not have seen before, so make sure you stick around for those!

In this course:

  • What is your heating/cooling requirement?
  • Energy efficiency design
  • Efficient heating/cooling methods
    • Thermal mass
    • Phase change material
    • Ground to Air Heat Exchanger (GAHT™) systems
    • Biomass & solar hot water
    • Solar Panels
  • The end of this course includes a Q&A from the live webinar.

Joining us today are Lindsey Schiller and Jim Sabey of Ceres Greenhouse Solutions, who you’ll learn more about in lesson topic one.

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