Estimated time to complete (text + video): 2hrs

Planning your Business

When you’re looking to start an Upstart Farm, a business plan is essential. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a backyard farm or tens of thousands of square feet in a warehouse – a business plan will guide and define your efforts. For that reason this course is for anyone who has decided to start Upstart farm and is ready to take the next step of actually planning the business.

Our very first e-course, “Intro to Business Planning,” was a hit in the fall and winter of 2014, well before Upstart U launched. Now, we’re bringing it back in a new and improved format. We hope you’ll find the additional information informative and engaging!

In this course, you will:

  • Conduct market research as part of an interactive assignment
  • Discover the 6 key sections of a business plan
  • Outline your products and services
  • Analyze your industry
  • Define Comparative Advantage, SWOT, and other business concepts

This course is taught by Perry Baptista.

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