Can your job make you happy?

Imagine Having a Job Where You:


Get training, experience & build new skills.


Have abundant opportunities for personal & professional growth.


Positively affect your community & even the world.


Love what you’re doing – no matter what you’re doing.

It’s Possible at Plenty

We believe our food system is fundamentally broken and we have a responsibility to bring the benefits of local food to all people. While we feel incredibly passionate about championing this cause, we realize this mission is not entirely our own. There are thousands of local growers around the world trying to bring better food to their communities.

 Whether it’s through a career at Plenty, or education to start your own farm through Upstart University, we want to empower you to bring local food to your community.


Want to be a part of our team?

Current and Future Opportunities


Plenty is seeking a Senior Grower who will coordinate all aspects of product development and applied plant science based production in a modern, high-technology hydroponic farm.


Plenty is seeking an Associate Grower who will assist in all aspects of product development and applied plant production in a modern, fast paced, high-technology hydroponic farm.


Plenty is seeking an Operations Assistant who will participate in daily operational activities in a modern, high-technology hydroponic farm.  The individual will be involved in a multitude of daily routine activities throughout the production system.

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