Two programs dedicated to veteran farm training and support have joined forces.

Starting in August, veteran farm training program Veterans to Farmers will begin a partnership with e-learning platform Upstart University.

The two programs have a lot in common; Veterans to Farmers is powered by a vision to “return the family farm to a prominent position on the American landscape with a new generation of veteran farmers,” and has been giving veterans a practical option for farm training since 2011. Located in Denver, the program provides hands-on training to participants.

Likewise, Upstart University seeks to empower a new generation of farmers through a flexible and affordable e-learning platform. The university is helping educate farmers of all growing styles plan, build, and operate their own farms. 

Veteran farm training - green mountain ranch

Green Mountain Ranch is one graduate of Veterans to Farmers which is also an Upstart Farm.

Soon, those two forces—each with the same goal—will join. Upstart University will be a facet of the training program at Veterans to Farmers, providing courses, assignments, and support on subjects like:

  • Business planning
  • Securing funding
  • Planning farm financials
  • Designing hydroponic & aquaponic systems
  • Legal research & common issues

With the combination of hands-on farm training and information on other aspects of running a farm, veterans involved in both Veterans to Farmer and Upstart University will graduate with all the info they need to start a farm.

A “kick-start” in farming

Veterans involved in the program will get a discount on the $9.99/month rate at Upstart University and the opportunity to join over 700 other students.

Upstart_University_Logo_WhiteBackground.pngHalle Brake, Director of Upstart University, says that this partnership ultimately contributes to long-term success for veteran farmers.

“It gives Veterans a kick-start into farming with hands-on, on-site training and then sets them up for long-term success by providing them the opportunity to continue their education through Upstart University.”

About Upstart University:

Started in 2015, Upstart University solves two problems for aspiring farmers looking for training: organized learning and affordability. Complete with videos, written content, audio, tutoring, and an affiliates program, the platform currently has over 720 students enrolled in more than 30 courses.

1382422_827141897336945_8953422667480887824_nInterested in getting involved with Veterans to Farmers and Upstart University?

Find more information about the Veterans to Farmers training programs at


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