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Production Method Selection

The production method that you as a farmer choose to employ will dictate the type of produce that you can produce effectively and should be matched to your individual goals or the goals of your farm. For that reason, this course is for anyone who is deciding what they want their farm to accomplish and the production method(s) they are going to use to do so.

Before choosing which production method you will primarily use to grow produce on your farm, it’s important to understand the construction, biology and proper design factors of each. Here’s an intro to each of the most popular modern production methods with Dr. Nate Storey. You will learn what each method is, how it works, and the important decision-making factors based on the construction, biology, and design for the following methods. We strongly recommend that every student complete this course before choosing their primary growing technique.

In this course you will learn about: 

  • Deep Water Culture (DWC)/Raft
  • Nutrient Film Technique (NFT)
  • Media beds
  • Bato buckets
  • Aeroponics
  • Vertical

This course is taught by Dr. Nate Storey.

For some extra tips on choosing your production method or if want to make sure you have done everything you need to up to this point check out our free Ultimate Guide to Starting a Farm! 

This is the first course of the 1030’s series, which will cover each method in detail.

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