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Seeds and Seedlings

Growing healthy seedlings requires much more than just opening a package and putting seeds in your growing medium. Seeds should be treated with special care and they require different environmental needs than full-grown plants. Like anything else, there are best practices you can use to grow the strongest possible seedlings.

Why does it matter? Starting with healthy seedlings can make a world of difference in terms of production on your farm. However, growing seedlings from seeds tends not to be quite as easy as you think. This course is designed for anyone who struggles with seedlings, is getting their farm started, or would just like to learn more about seeds and seedlings. 

In this course:

  • Seeds: anatomy, treatment, types, sources & storage
  • Seed starting best practices & methods
  • Seedlings: anatomy, fertilizing, light, environment, air movement, irrigating, & pests
  • Transplanting: handling, selection, labor, etc.

This course is taught by Dr. Karen Panter, Extension Horticulture Specialist at the University of Wyoming.

Special thanks to the University of Wyoming for helping provide accurate and helpful information, resources, and a location for filming!*

*Any reference to the University of Wyoming in this course does not constitute or imply an endorsement of Bright Agrotech by the University of Wyoming. The views and opinions expressed in the videos and/or related material do not necessarily state or reflect the opinions of the University of Wyoming.

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