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Farm to Food Truck: A unique business model for farmers

Starting out small? Want to have a successful farming business, but maintain flexibility? Looking for a creative way to serve your market? Then the farm to food truck model might be for you.

As a hydroponic or aquaponic farmer, some of your biggest decisions relate to how you’ll grow your produce, how you’ll sell it, and to what market. In essence, this is your business model.

The farm to food truck model offers many benefits to small farmers including higher margins with less food waste, a flexible lifestyle and hours, markets with less risk, the ability to bootstrap and scale over time, and a high return-on-investment even if you decide to sell one portion of the business at some point.

In this course: 

In this course, you’ll have the chance to see inside the workings of a real farm to food truck business. This course is designed for anyone interested in starting a food truck or adding one to an already existing business. By the end of this online course, you’ll know whether or not farm to food truck is a good business model for your personal and business goals and your market, what to expect for weekly labor and maintenance, and how to get started and succeed with it. In this course you’ll learn the following about the farm to food truck model:

  • The pros & cons of the farm to food truck model
  • Requirements for starting a farm to food truck business
  • For whom, where & when this model works
  • Choosing to run it solo, as a partnership, or as a larger business
  • Insurance, permitting, food safety, and other regulations
  • Engaging with customers, choosing your spots wisely, dealing with events, and other tips & tricks
  • BONUS: The Kratky hydroponic method & build tutorial

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About the author

This course is taught by Brandon Youst, owner and operator of Veg2Bowl – a highly successful farm to food truck business in Ernul, North Carolina. Brandon is long time Upstart U’er, farmer, and successful entrepreneur making the most of the farm to food truck business model. 

Veg2BowlVeg2Bowl serves a variety fresh, healthy meals from the food truck to its local community through catering, weekly deliveries, and events. Their meals and snacks are produced using freshly harvested ingredients produced on the farm using the Kratky method, and/or sourced from other local farms. Learn more about Veg2Bowl here.


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