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Medium and substrate selection for hydroponics

A hydroponic substrate or medium is the material in which you grow your plants instead of soil. There are many types of substrates and mediums which you can choose from and this is a very important decision! In fact, hydroponic substrate & medium selection is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a grower because it impacts how your plants will grow, how they will fit into your system, and what type of labor and costs are involved in growing your plants

This course is designed to teach anyone interested in which hydroponic substrate is right for them by looking at the different substrates that are available and the advantages & disadvantages of each.

We teamed up with indoor agriculture experts Chris Higgins from Hort Americas and Farmer Tyler for our Upstart Webinar: “Hydroponic Substrate Selection: Which Medium is Right for You?” to dive deep into specific considerations on substrate selection in order to help you make an informed decision about your growing medium. Now, we’re making this awesome webinar available to you as an official Upstart University course.

In this course:

  • Which Medium is Right for You?
  • Plugs, media, and other substrates.

This course is taught by Chris Higgins and Farmer Tyler of Hort Americas.

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