Estimated time to complete (text + video): 58min

Understanding insect pest management

Understanding how to properly manage insect pest problems on your farm will help you be successful and profitable. While many farmers make the mistake of aiming for an all-out eradication of pests, it is more effective, affordable, and profitable to aim for successful management of the insect problem.

This course is designed for any Upstart farmer who is getting their farm started, struggling with pests, or trying to take preventative measures to protect their farm insect pests. We will help you learn about the insect pests you are dealing with, how to manage them properly, and the different applications for pest management on your farm. 

In this course:

  • Gain an understanding of insect ecology
  • Learn how to manage insect pests, especially through IPM techniques
  • Learn the applications of insect pest control

This course is taught by Amy Storey.

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