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An introduction to aquaponic farming

Aquaponics is an intriguing and fun way to grow – but is it appropriate for your commercial farm? Many modern growers are interested in the idea of aquaponics but have never grown aquaponically before on a commercial scale. Before planning an aquaponic farm, you’ll want to consider the unique benefits and challenges of aquaponic systems on a large scale.

Intro to Aquaponics teaches the basics in preparation for the main course, Foundations of Aquaponics.  It focuses on how things work in aquaponic systems, why they work that way, and how all of this relates to the decision of whether or not aquaponics is the right setup for you. It is a fairly brief, but information-rich crash course in aquaponics. This course is designed for anyone interested in aquaponic farming on a commercial scale

In this course:

  • fish, plants, microbes and nutrients in aquaponics,
  • aquaponic productivity,
  • and the pros and cons of aquaponics

This course is *not* a course on managing an aquaponic system. Rather, it’s an introduction to commercial aquaponics and the unique situations that come with it. Use this course to make a decision about which growing method to use.

This course is taught aquaponics expert by Dr. Nate Storey.

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