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LED Lighting

Whether you’re growing indoors or just providing supplemental lighting for the plants in your greenhouse, LED lighting should be on your radar. Because LEDs are quickly becoming the most popular type of grow light across the industry. They offer many benefits including lower costs, better energy efficiency, less heat output, and control over the spectrum they provide.

We teamed up with the experts at LumiGrow, a California-based manufacturer of smart horticultural lighting solutions, to bring you a webinar on LED Lighting for Indoor Farmers on January 14th, 2016. Now, we’re making this awesome webinar available to you as an official Upstart University course.

In this course:

  • What are LEDs
  • Are LEDs right for you?
  • Manipulating plant growth with LEDs

This course is taught by George Chan, Dr. Jimmy Byrtus, and Dr. Melanie Yelton of LumiGrow.

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