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Microgreens: the gateway crop

Microgreens have become an incredibly popular crop choice for both consumers and growers. They are easy and cheap to grow, are saleable for a premium, and have incredible margins. As a result, many new growers are finding microgreens to be a “gateway crop” into farming.

If you’re a first-time grower looking to develop your “green thumb” while starting to build a profitable basis for your farm, this course is for you!

Microgreens are one of the easiest crops to learn to grow, they require very little equipment or capital, and they have extremely fast turnarounds. Consumers love them for their powerful flavor and impressive nutrition but are often disappointed by their short life and lack of freshness. As a local farmer, you’ll have the unique opportunity to consistently provide extremely fresh, or even live, microgreens to eager customers.

This will allow you to get in touch with your markets, practice growing on a less costly level, and pull in a revenue stream while building out your full farm and product line. Just remember – people can only eat so many microgreens; there is a market cap! 

Ready to start growing microgreens?

Here’s what you’ll learn

In this course, you’ll learn how to approach, grow, and sell microgreens successfully including the following information: 

  • What are microgreens?
  • Pros & cons of microgreens
  • Costs & profits of microgreens
  • How to approach microgreens wisely
  • Microgreens crops 
  • How to grow microgreens (including various methods)
  • Acquiring demand & pricing your product
  • Expanding your microgreens business

If you’re motivated and actively apply what you’re learning to your farm, you can have your very own microgreens operation started and even selling by the end of this course.

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This course is taught by Amy Storey, Taylor “Brooke” Wollert, and Taylor Vignaroli.

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