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Understanding and managing plant pathogens

Plant pathology is the study of diseases caused by pathogens, or infectious organisms, in plants. As an Upstart farmer it is incredibly important to have a good knowledge of the different pathogens that you may—and most likely will—encounter, the signs and symptoms associated with them, and the proper steps to take when you discover a pathogen in your plants in order to properly prevent, diagnose, or treat the various plant diseases that pathogens cause and save your harvest.

This course is designed for anyone who needs more knowledge of how pathogens function in an ecology, what pathogens are and what makes one different from another, what they do in your farm, control methods, and some common pathogens and their controls. The objective of this course is to give you a toolbox for protecting your farm against pathogens and avoiding related crises.

In this course:

  • Understanding Pathogens in Your Ecosystem
  • The Big Three: Pathogens, Hosts, and Environments
  • Diagnosing Pathogens
  • Common Pathogens and Controls

This course is taught by Amy Storey.

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