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Bato Bucket Production

Bato buckets are a popular hydroponic system for growing vining crops like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, etc. Whether they’re your stand-alone growing method or a supplementary system, they make a great addition to any farm. Bato buckets are a highly efficient growing method that offer many benefits and add variety to your farm’s produce capabilities and production methods.

In July of 2016, we teamed up with CropKing, one of the oldest and most respected hydroponic supplies providers in the industry to discuss Bato buckets. Now, we’re bringing the webinar recording to you as an official Upstart University course!

This course is for anyone who is contemplating Bato buckets as a possible production method on their farm. It will go over several aspects of Bato bucket production that need to go into the decision of using them as a viable production method. 

In this course:

  • The history, design, and functionality
  • The benefits
  • Mediums for Bato buckets
  • Irrigation and feeding
  • Vining crops

This course is taught by Theodore Huggins of CropKing.

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