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Four Markets for Upstart Farmers

The market(s) a farmer chooses to service is just as important as the actual farm or the produce they choose to grow for the success of their Upstart Farm. Primarily there are four markets that most farms rely on by using one or a combination of for their livelihood: Farmers’ markets, CSAs, Restaurants, and Grocery stores.

This course is designed for anyone who wants to sell produce on a commercial level. Knowing and understanding the primary four markets for farmers will not only provide you with a place to start selling it also gives you a basis to become creative and find other markets that may not have been established yet.

In this course, we’ll introduce you to:

  • Live Sales and other distribution techniques
  • Benefits and Challenges of Farmers’ Markets
  • Benefits and Challenges of CSAs
  • Benefits and Challenges of Restaurants
  • Benefits and Challenges of Grocery Stores
  • Other markets to consider

This course is taught by Perry Baptista.

For more tips on how to find your customers check out our Ultimate Guide to Starting a Farm!

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