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Modern Marketing

Social media marketing can be an amazing tool for promoting your farm. So why do so many people fail to utilize social media platforms for marketing their farm?

For most, it’s the fear of self-promotion; they either don’t know how to use social media in a business context, don’t know how to promote their farm without feeling awkward about it, or don’t know if their farm is ready to promote – and that can be scary.

Social media marketing can be an incredibly effective and inexpensive way to spread the word about everything from the types of produce that will be available at the next farmers’ market to the details of a holiday or seasonal sale. This course is for anyone looking to expand their customer base, increase their sales, or strengthen their relationship with the community by utilizing social media marketing.

In early 2017, we teamed up with hydroponic farmer and marketing expert, Nick Burton, of State of the Soil to bring you a three-part #UpstartWebinar series on Social Media Marketing for Farmers. Now, we’re bringing the webinar recordings to you as an official Upstart University course!

In this course:

We’re going to help ease those fears and clue you into the most effective secrets for using strategic social media marketing to promote your farm, conduct market research, and advertise your farm on a small budget.

  • What marketing is and isn’t
  • Expert rules for self-promotion
  • Why social media matters
  • Access, navigate, and understand Facebook Audience Insights
  • Research your local market based on their income, interests, age, and other demographics
  • Use this information to determine who you should be targeting and how to market to them effectively
  • Make a Facebook Ad for your farm (Including an on-screen tutorial!)
  • Use Facebook search tools to identify trends & strategies that match your farm and your customers
  • Understand Facebook post analytics to increase sales & improve ads over time
  • Write sales copy for seasonal vs. regular ads for year-round success
  • Learn strategies & restrictions for using media in your ads increase photos, graphics, and image-text composites
  • Use tricks for making the most of a limited marketing budget so you can get better results for less
  • Craft your ad messaging to your audience to boost effectiveness

This course is taught by Nick Burton of State of the Soil.  Nick is the owner of multiple companies, a public speaker, and a coach of hydroponic & farm to market agricultural operations. With 20 years in the green industry, Nick has the experience, resources, and connections to bring your farm to the next level of profit and sustainable operation.

If you have still have some unanswered questions with regard to sales and marketing check out our Ultimate Guide to Starting a Farm! 

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