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How to be everyone’s favorite stand at the farmers’ market

Farmers’ market are one of the most popular markets for starting farmers, for a variety of reasons – they’re relatively easy to access, they present a high-demand, high-margin opportunity, their customers are a prime group for fresh, local products, and they are a great way to introduce your farm to other sales opportunities beyond the market.

Unfortunately, farmers’ markets also present many challenges like high competition, fluctuating demand, susceptibility to weather, and high labor, when not approached strategically. And in this course that’s what we’re here to help you work through!

If you follow the advice presented in this course, you’ll soon be everyone’s favorite stand at the farmers’ market.

What you’ll learn

In this course, you’ll learn the steps of getting accepted into a competitive farmers’ market and then how to make a good, lasting impression once you’re in. This includes how to impress not only all of the customers at the market, but also your market manager and even your fellow vendors.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to apply for and get accepted into competitive farmers’ markets
  • How to create a positive relationship with the market manager
  • How to be a good neighbor and vendor (this is more important than you may think!)
  • How to visit and research farmers’ markets
  • How to market your farm stand before, during, and after the market
  • Booth layouts and strategies to minimize labor and maximize sales
  • Extra tips for dealing with challenges, identifying opportunities, and taking care of market responsibilities (like attending meetings)

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Check out our Ultimate Guide to Starting a Farm to learn more about how to get to the point where you can actually start selling at the farmers’ market. 

About the author

Nick is a hydroponic farmer, a savvy entrepreneur, and a farm marketing expert in Paris, Texas. In addition to daily life on the farm, Nick has made it his mission to bring farm marketing education to farmers everywhere through a variety of resources, including his online summit: State of the Soil.

He has spent tons of time both on the farm and at the market, so he’s quite familiar with both the joys and challenges of running farm and selling produce successfully.

One market in particular that Nick has taken a strong interest in selling to and even researching on a national level, are farmers markets. Through his years of experience at local markets and his visits to farmers markets across the U.S., Nick has gathered a wealth of insight into how to make your stand the most popular booth at the market for the entire season.

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