Estimated time to complete (text + video): 45min

Nutrients and fertilizers for hydroponics

Properly understanding how nutrients and fertilizers work in a hydroponic system, as well as how to mix and manage them, is vital to your farm’s success. This course provides a variety of visual explanations and demonstrations of hydroponic nutrients and fertilizers to help you master this important concept.

With the huge role that nutrients and fertilizers play in a hydroponic system, this course is designed for anyone who is thinking about, starting, or has a hydroponic system.

By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge you need to select the right nutrition and fertilizers for your farm and how to manage them for maximum system productivity.

In this course:

  • Learn how to choose the hydroponic fertilizer for your farm
  • Learn the difference between liquid & dry fertilizers
  • Learn when to use single, multi and many-part fertilizers
  • Learn how to build nutrient solutions and stock solutions
  • Learn how to calculate fertilizer adjustments

This course is taught by Tyler Baras (“Farmer Tyler”).

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About the Author:

Tyler has a range of urban agricultural experience from homesteading to commercial hydroponics. While completing his B.S. in Horticultural Sciences at the University of Florida, he traveled overseas to study Organic Agriculture in Spain and Protected Agriculture (greenhouse production) in China. After graduation, he worked as a grower for 3 Boys Farm Inc., a certified organic recirculating hydroponic farm in Ruskin, Florida. In 2013, Tyler moved to Denver, Colorado where he worked as the hydroponic farm manager at The GrowHaus. He managed a profitable urban farm while creating a successful hydroponic internship program with a 90% job placement rate for graduates. The hydroponic farm at The GrowHaus is currently managed by alumni of the farm internship program and continues to provide lettuce for Wholefoods, Safeway, and several local markets. While at The GrowHaus, Tyler started creating educational videos and blog posts about farm tech which he continues to post on his website

He has had multiple appearances on P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home which airs on network TV stations throughout the United States. Currently, Tyler manages a Demo Greenhouse in Dallas called Dallas Grown which is sponsored by Hort Americas. Farmer Tyler continues to produce video content which can be seen at Urban Ag News YouTube and Farmer Tyler YouTube!

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