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  • Mass configuration places many towers in an area, with more space around each tower.(1:05)
  • Line configuration or “center-facing aisle” is useful for using artificial light. (2:39)
  • Other configurations are often used in very small growing spaces. (6:22)

Getting the Most out of Your ZipGrow System – Configurations


In greenhouses, a mass configuration (a lot of towers in production) is typically moved based on the age of the plant. This would incorporate conveyor cropping which places the youngest generation near the front and the oldest generation near the back. Batch configuration is when all of the towers are planted at the same time, and they remain the same age throughout the mass of towers (towers are then not moved).


In warehouses, you’ll probably see line configuration (center-facing aisle).

Some areas may want to use a mass configuration in the summer and switch to center facing aisle in the winter when artificial lights become necessary. This would be useful for places with an extreme sun angle where the plants only get a few hours of light in the winter.



  • Closet growing rooms
  • Aesthetic chandeliers

There are configurations for any situation – there’s always a way to make it work.

Hydroponics Systems - Configurations for Maximum Growth

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