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Scaling with ZipGrow

Scaling with ZipGrow is pretty straightforward. The primary constraint is your access to market and your cash flow.

Scaling is going from small to big; it’s growth.

When I was first starting my business, I heard a seasoned entrepreneur ask a young entrepreneur, “Are you having problems with scaling?” The young guy said, “No, it’s something else.” The older entrepreneur looked at him… and said, “scaling is the only problem. It all comes back to scaling.”

You are an entrepreneur, and you need to be thinking about scaling from the get-go because it’s not simple. Think about how you’ll connect greenhouses. Think about investing in the right sized pump; an additional cement pad to build on; a warehouse close to another vacant warehouse.

We’re talking about scaling your space and your model, but scaling also involves revenue.

Lucky for you, the ZipGrow Tower was built to be super simple, giving the farmer the ability to add towers onto a system very easily and scale up as you have money. The alternative is to save up and scale up all at once. This is risky because you might outgrow your market.


You can scale at whatever rate you wish. This totally depends on your style and your market. If you need to be the first mover in your market, then there’s more pressure to scale up fast. If you have low competition, then you can afford to go slower.

The towers were designed (and are sold) in such a way that allows farmers to scale slowly without compromising financial savings (like bulk discounts) or requiring that they save up for years every time they scale.

Production estimates are necessary for projections (crucial to planning a scale) and for the momentum of your farm.

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