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Congratulations! You’re on the last lesson topic of the orientation course! In this lesson topic, we’re going to show you our awesome student community and support options. Here at Upstart University, we believe in abundance. That means that we believe the key to success and making a lasting impact on the world food community is collaboration with your fellow farmers.

We’ve created an Upstart U student community to bring farmers closer together. The community is the best way to get connected to unique farmers like yourself, who experience unique challenges and success. Your fellow students are an amazing resource for getting questions answered, troubleshooting problems, brainstorming ideas, and even sharing your success stories.

In addition to the support you will receive from your peers in Upstart University, we offer a variety of support options with Upstart University staff to assist you as well.


The Upstart University Forum is a place for you to participate in active discussions on course materials, questions, ideas and more. Get feedback from other students, professors, and mentors.

When you click into the forums, you’ll see a few main categories: Course Forums, General Forum, and a place to introduce yourself.

To see and post in specific course forums, click into Course Forums and then select the specific course. Write and post your response.

Only Unlimited Member student have access to the forums.

Facebook Group

The Upstart University Facebook Group is the ultimate student community of farmers! Upstart U students from all over the world engage in daily conversations about what’s going on in their farms. It’s a great place to ask questions, post photos, share updates, and get immediate responses to all your questions and ideas. It’s also the first place we make exclusive announcements to the community.

In addition to all of that, we also host exclusive live streaming events on the community.

To visit the student community, go to and request access. Only Unlimited Members will be accepted into the student community.

Intercom, phone & email support

The Facebook Group is the best place to get your questions answered. But, if you are having a technical difficulty, need support on something you’re not quite ready to share with the community, etc. then we have other options for you.

chatThe first place for support is our Intercom live chat system. Chat with us anytime by selecting the blue chat bubble on the right bottom corner of your screen. You can send a direct message to our support team including links, images, and notes. Intercom chat is available from Mon – Fri 8 am to 5 pm Mountain time.

We always try to respond immediately, but we do have a small staff and cannot always get to your message right away. If we don’t respond right away, we will as soon as we can! Please check back on your intercom chat the next time you sign in for a response. We will leave you a message and we can pick up right where you left off on the chat, even if you close out. Intercom is also how we send you announcements and update messages, so when in doubt, don’t ignore these pop-up messages. They include lots of great announcements about exclusive events and updates.

If you don’t want to use Intercom, or you have a longer message, you can always reach out to us via email. Contact for Upstart University support.  For questions about ZipGrow, email


That wraps up your introduction to Upstart University. We hope you now feel very well prepared to dive into courses and the additional program and start your farming journey!

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