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In this lesson topic, we’re going to introduce you to a variety of student programs and resources including the resource library, our online calculators, the ultimate guide and checklist, and the Upstart U blog. 

As described previously, you can access student programs through the drop down menu or through the student programs page. Let’s start by going over the Resource library.

Resource Library

The Upstart University Resource Library is an easy-access collection of the web pages and resources mentioned in your Upstart University Courses. Throughout your courses, we mention a variety of links and resources. Rather than having to search back through each lesson topic to find that one link you just can’t remember, all you have to do is head on over to the resource library.

Once in the resource library, find the tab for the specific course. Click on it, and you’ll find a list of all the links and resources mentioned in that particular course.

Free Online Calculators

In addition to the resource library, we have a free online calculator for CO2, Iron, HVAC, and fish to bed. Click “calculators” in the student resources menu. You can click through the bottom tabs to get to the different calculators. Then, put in any of the required inputs in the green boxes. You can also download the calculator for free to save and use offline.

Ultimate Guide & Checklist

Next, we have the Ultimate Guide & Checklist. If you’re just starting out and trying to wrap your head around farming, this is an awesome resource for you. It walks you through the 11 steps of starting your farm and points you to the tools you need. Plus, it includes a detailed checklist for each of the 11 steps! 

You find the Ultimate Guide & Checklist in the Student Resources drop down menu.


The Upstart University Blog is a collection of helpful blog posts chock full of valuable information for modern farmers. We post weekly articles in the blog on a variety of topics to ensure success with both growing and business matters.

The most recent blog posts are listed at the top, with the older toward the bottom.

To search for a specific topic on the blog, simply search in the regular search bar in the top right menu. Once you search the topic, it will show a list of results including any blog posts that relate.

If you would like to suggest a topic be covered on the blog, always feel free to send us a chat message. We love to write specific posts for students!

Upstart Webinars

In addition to those helpful resources, we host live #UpstartWebinars which you can attend for free. These webinars are an extension of the expertise we seek to deliver by partnering with industry leaders to provide you with expert level information on specific topics.

You’ll see new webinar registration opportunities in pop-up chat messages, as well as in various emails and social media. 

After hosting a webinar live, we often convert it into a full course later for you to access right on the platform, so you never have to worry you missed one!

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