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Understanding ZipGrow

Vertical growing is increasingly becoming a prominent hydroponic production method in urban, indoor and greenhouse environments.  ZipGrow is the primary vertical production method, so understanding how the technology works and is applied is important for anyone wanting to engage in modern, high-density farming.

This course is designed for anyone who is contemplating the ZipGrow system as a possible production method on their farm. Please note: As Dr. Nate says later in this lesson, “We’re not pro-ZipGrow, we’re pro-farmer.” We don’t think everyone should use ZipGrow. Everyone should do the analysis and find the technique that works best for them. Make sure you’re doing the analysis and picking the best possible technique for your market, customer, distribution, etc. This course is here to help you understand one of your options, as well as provide support to farmers already using ZipGrow.

In this course you will:

  • come to understand the need for ZipGrow
  • get to know the design, applications, and set ups of ZipGrow
  • and learn how to plan your own ZipGrow setup.

This course is taught by Nate Storey.

Content for this course is highly visual; we don’t recommend depending entirely on the reading or audio! Watch the video with each lesson topic to gain the best understanding.

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