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Welcome to Lesson Topic 1: What is Upstart University? In this lesson topic, we will quickly explain what Upstart University is, why we created it, and if it’s right for you.

What is Upstart University?

Upstart University is an online learning platform that’s an extension of the movement toward healthy, local sustainable food. A movement where food is grown by the person that you know, where you shake your farmer’s hand.

Upstart University teaches you, no matter your experience level, the information you need to plan, build, start and manage a successful modern farm. It’s flexible, affordable, and effective.

Why did we create it?

The goal is to give EVERYONE the information you used to be able to get from grandpa, or this person or that person, put it all in this one place, so we can collect this information and knowledge that’s being lost and deliver it to people in a palatable, accessible way.

The mission of Upstart University is to make expert-level farming education accessible, to empower aspiring lifestyle and commercial farmers to improve the world food system. We do this by creating engaging, high-quality online course content and delivering it in a flexible, easy-to-use way for the on-the-go student (all for less than $10 a month!).

Is it right for you?

If you’re a farmer, an aspiring farmer, or just someone who’s interested in healthy sustainable food, join Upstart University, take the coursework, learn how to build a business, take that community out into your community, bridge that knowledge gap and join hundreds of other small farmers around the world that are working hard to bring transparency to their communities.”

Whether you have years of business or farming experience, or you’re just starting out with no experience, Upstart University can serve you.

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Upstart University

Upstart University