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Starting a Farm in Canada, Eh?

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Want to Stop Talking and Start Farming?

Watch this webinar for:

1) The three steps to stop talking & start farming

2) Case studies from three, modern farmers who got started using these steps

3) How to start learning to farm for $1

Upstart University offers a great selection of online courses and resources covering topics like farm design & economics, climate controls, plant and fish selection, selling your produce, managing the business, and everything in between.

Check out these courses offered on Upstart University:

Don’t know where to start? Learn how to get your business going, write your business plan, and much more in this course.

Looking to master hydroponic farming? Learn everything you need to know to get running successfully in this course.

Want to grow aquaponically? Learn aquaponic system science and how to maximize your production in this course.

Looking into ZipGrow technology? Learn the ins-and-outs of this tech and if it’s right for your farm in this course.

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The courses are taught by industry leaders who are passionate about making a positive impact on the world food system.

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