Today, Upstart University—the farm learning platform for modern farmers—celebrates not only its two-year birthday but the collection of incredible people dedicated to making a change in the world of farming.

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Since 2015, people from all over the globe have been joining the Upstart U community to learn, share, and build farms together. Each day, student farmers answer questions, make plans, and create new goals for their small farm businesses. Nothing else is more inspiring than seeing the contribution of these people to the farming industry!

Now we want to share some of the accomplishments that those farmers have reached in the last year.

But first, a snapshot of growth:

Last March when we celebrated Upstart U’s first birthday, there were 23 courses and 556 students.

Today, there are 11 new courses, including

Now Upstart U boasts 1200+ students, over double what it had last year.

a year of growth - 2nd upstart u birthday sale

Hundreds of Upstart U students have started their farming journey (that we know of), and many more are on their way to join them.

The Upstart U Facebook Community has taken off with tips, questions, and pictures of your farms. You’ve created a rich place for learning and collaboration.

This year, we partnered with Veterans to Farmers to make farming education more accessible to aspiring farmers who need it.

We introduced foreign language resources with over 10 courses available as eBooks in Spanish, with 4 eBooks in Portuguese—and counting!

This growth won’t stop any time soon

Since then, the potential of farming has spread and hundreds of new farmers have started planning farms and growing food for their communities. Here at Bright Agrotech, we’re both honored and excited to be surging forward with this wave of unbelievably tough, motivated farmers.

We want to show you how much we appreciate your dedication. So we’re discounting Upstart U memberships for both new and existing students with the 2nd Annual Upstart University Birthday Sale.

The 2nd Annual Upstart U Birthday Sale

This sale is over now, but we want to make it easy for ANYONE to start a farm, no matter their age, country, and current occupation. That means not only creating understandable courses but an accessible platform.

How to enroll in Upstart University

To start your farm journey, enroll for Upstart U. You can start with a free trial, buy one month for $9.99, or get one year of access for $99.99. 

Once you enroll, start with courses like Goals & Action Planning, learn about your local demand through The Four Markets, decide how to grow in Choosing Your Production Method, and much more.

Happy farming!

Upstart University

Upstart University